Thursday, 1 May 2008

Daddy Changing Nappy? (Oh Yes!)

Something has gone completely wrong! This is what I always hear whenever hubby changed our kids dirty nappy. He used to tell me how his father hated this kind of thing. His father never changed dirty nappy of all his kids as he believed it should be a woman's or a mother's job. But obviously not to me because I believed that parenting should be about sharing task with the partner. Luckily, I don't have to tell hubby that because he do it straight away no matter how much he hated changing dirty nappy but as a father's responsibility, he had to do it and I can see he is quite happy doing it and proud of himself. He always mentioned how easy was our daughter to changed and how difficult our son is, lol. Somehow, comparing your children comes just natural. Oh well, boy is so different from girl's, I would say. Anyway, I am so lucky that when it comes to parentig both me and hubby get on very well. He is a desciplinarian in the house and I am the one who like to spoilt the kids but with limitations as well.

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