Friday, 2 May 2008

Christmas Get-away!

I didn't arrive home until quarter passed eight tonight because my manager asked me if I could extend few hours to my regular shift and of course as they approached me very nicely that I have hard time saying "NO" until I say "Yes", lol. Oh, I just love my manegers and the company where I worked because everyone seems to be so nice and friendly. Jean, the head manager asked me to book my holidays this year for it is first come first serve basis. I had book mine and some will be August then the rest of my holidays will be December to January. They asked me the reason why December as it is the busiest trading of the year. My replied is simple and straighforward, "I am going to visit my family back in Philippines.

Originally, our plan was this summer August but because of some number of reasons it is cancelled and we moved it to Christmas instead. I guess, Christmas is the best time to go visit my family anyway. It has been over 3 Christmas that I haven't spent it with them and I so badly missed celebrating nochebuena with my family back home. So, I hope and wish that my reasons will be granted so I could fly back home for at least 4 weeks this December. It'll be our christmas get-away.
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Pinay Jade said...

Hi HAze! I know what you mean.It's really nice to spend Christmas with the whole family in the Philippines ... I especially miss the warm chocolate my grandma makes.

♥Shabem-®♥ said...

Hoping I could visit Pinas pod next year. Mag 4 years na wala ko kauli.
Good luck to us!