Thursday, 8 May 2008

Best Gift So Far this year from Hubby

I have been looking around the best imaging software to buy and I was not expected to get this super duper Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended until last night when hubby came home from his meeting and brought the good news, I got an Adobe Photoshop CS3, huh! I can't believe it and never have thought of owning one for it is quite too pricey. Now, I have to learn and read some tutorials that come with it as well as on the internet. So far, this is the best gift I have received this year. I am really grateful to have married the man who knows how to make me smile, lol. Thanks dear! Anyhow, to those who wanted to buy this software, you can get it at the Amazon for just as $975.99 and this is already the best price you can get.

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1 comment:

Bianca said...

wow naa na gyud ka photoshop gwaps kadugay na nimo ana nga ngandoy lol...hmmm sus di ko ka affords gyud ana na price oi ka very expensive sad anang $975 lol....