Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Because its YOUR day!

Today, is your Day and you have all the reason to be all happy and smiley because you've got all you want, a loving wife, adorable children, supportive parents, siblings and sisters and nice life. My only wish for you is to be more healthy! God is good for he has you sent to me. Your my life and my everything and to our kids you are the world best Daddy. We wish you a very happy birthday and have a wonderful celebration with us. Happy birthday my dearest hubby! I do and always will.....

Our Daughter's Post for her Daddy's Birthday
My Son's Post for his Daddy's Birthday

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stev & emz said...

happy bday to your hubby sis Haze. u are so sweet, he is so lucky to have you. =)
got you tag! its in this link http://www.jazanotherday.com/2008/05/my-beauty-secrets.html

Rolly said...

Happy Birthday Simon, are you going to treat me? Joke only. Happy Bitthday niya day, unsay pakals diha.


jennyr said...

happy bday sa imong hubby haze! parehas mi May,hehehe! btw, i have a friendship tag for you!

Angie said...

Happy B-day diay sa imong hubby dear. My hubby was on the 23 pod.

Shabem® said...

Oh how young? hehe..
I bet you all had fun.
Belated Happy B-day to your hubby!