Thursday, 29 May 2008

1000 Blog Post!

Yay, yesterday is the day when I hit my blog entries to a thousand. Even me I could not believed that I have written that many. A thousand? Probably most of my entries are non-sense but it is an online diary of my life and my day to day living, experienced, likes and dislikes, rants and all sort of things that comes in my mind. This is my 4th blogs and the oldest of the rest because I have deleted the first 3 because I was not at all interested in it. It was in different free hosting flatform and was too tricky for me. So, I stick with blogger or blogspot for 2 years now. The easiest flatform I came across. Anyway, horray and well done to my for making to a 1000 post yesterday!

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-edz- said...

Hi Haze. Indeed, Hooray to you for the ongoing success of your blog! More power and congratulations. What your doing is very much a hard work. =)
By the way, I got a tag for you on my page. Hope you check it out. =)
See yah around and happy blogging!

Shabem® said...

You're on a roll lady hehe..
I can't imagine sa kadaghan sa imo blogs. But you did great maintaining it. Keep it up!

Tere said...

Congrats Haze! :)