Saturday, 31 May 2008


It's been few days already since I am starting to make a photoblog where I can share and keep my collection of photos every now and then. But seems it a lot of hardwork especially finding for the pefect template especially I am free hosted by blogspot. But for now I am going to share this couple pics that I took days ago. Anyway, I wish you all a great weekend!

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Thursday, 29 May 2008

1000 Blog Post!

Yay, yesterday is the day when I hit my blog entries to a thousand. Even me I could not believed that I have written that many. A thousand? Probably most of my entries are non-sense but it is an online diary of my life and my day to day living, experienced, likes and dislikes, rants and all sort of things that comes in my mind. This is my 4th blogs and the oldest of the rest because I have deleted the first 3 because I was not at all interested in it. It was in different free hosting flatform and was too tricky for me. So, I stick with blogger or blogspot for 2 years now. The easiest flatform I came across. Anyway, horray and well done to my for making to a 1000 post yesterday!

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My New Layouts

These are my layouts for tonight. I decided to do some scrapping instead of making money online. PPP upsets me a lot and the reason is, they keep banning me in every opps I take. So, I lost my interest because I thought there is no point of staying late and yet achieve nothing. Oh well, they still paid me thought but that is not my point. It is the numbers of bans I received and with no particular reason. I think they're being unfair and if they would say it's because of my bad grammar then I would be happy to accept the fact, at least they'd tell me so. On that way, I can find ways to improve. Actually advertisers sucks too! I better stick with my work....less hours more money. Anyway, there is more to life than blogging, lol. Yupp, that how upset I am. I know I can still earn from other organisation so, I would just take this things under control. Gladly, digital scrapping has always here to entertain me. I don't rely from blogging since my PR dropped to Zero and now that it is back is when the PPP and advertisers play games. Such a bugger!

Anyway, so much for my ranting. Here's my latest layouts.....enjoy!

Credits can be seen here

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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Because its YOUR day!

Today, is your Day and you have all the reason to be all happy and smiley because you've got all you want, a loving wife, adorable children, supportive parents, siblings and sisters and nice life. My only wish for you is to be more healthy! God is good for he has you sent to me. Your my life and my everything and to our kids you are the world best Daddy. We wish you a very happy birthday and have a wonderful celebration with us. Happy birthday my dearest hubby! I do and always will.....

Our Daughter's Post for her Daddy's Birthday
My Son's Post for his Daddy's Birthday

My Credits to the following designers:
Everything is from Gisela B. Designs (Purple Dream)
Wordarts from MMullens hawt momma of Sweet Shoppe Designs
Cardboard Edge from Linda GB....

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Monday, 26 May 2008

A Blessful Months

Last weekend me, hubby and the kids went out shopping. Hubby was feeling so generous and treat me and the kids again. Usually, every week he either take us out to have fun or go shopping, however; last weekend we have a bit of both. It was just a simple celebration for hubby got promoted of his job. He got his pay rise that he been wanting for a year now. His boss finally increased his salary up to 10% which is quite good. It is now 40% more to go then he'll reach to his target salary which is £100k. Is that too impossible? I hope not.......

We are finally fixed our date to move but I am not telling all about it here until we are already in our new place. This year has been so great and so far we are blessed with so much and for that we are so thankful.

Anyway, here are some of my new of hubby's treat. Last few weeks I did nothing but shopped and shopped with my kids and during weekends with hubby too. These good things is more than enough as our gift to our 5th wedding anniversary as well as hubby's 43rd birthday.

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Savings Account

The 29th of June will mark my first year at work. Though I only work as a part time but as far as I know my colleagues treated me so well. They had been very efficient and great to me the whole year. The whole year I don't have that much savings yet because I choose to help financially with my family back home. The second year I plan to open a Savings Account which I can set aside some amount every month. Hubby and I already have joint savings account but I wanted one for myself alone just to see how much I can save the whole year with my own salary. Because, as of the moment, I only have a classic debit card where I use quite a lot for my shopping bills. Not much for saving, is there? So, the best place to open savings account is at WAMU because they offer lots of online savings benefits which includes free online banking, free electronics statements, no monthly service charge, easy access to funds and ATM and a whole lot more. I think this could be the only way I can save some of my earnings. I want to save for the future holidays, future visits to my homeland and any other purposes of my savings account. I do need to learn about budgetting so I can save every month. Too glad, there is WAMU whom I can open savings account online without service charge.

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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Pretty Bad Weather here

We are lucky enough for the last couple weeks to have a pretty good weather but after that it's all rain and cold breeze of winds. It is very cool outside for 2 weeks now and pretty wet. Today was a little ok but very chilly still. Tomorrow is another wet and rainy Sunday. If tomorrow will rain its ok because I would be at work the whole day. It is bank holiday however I was asked by my manager to work for extra. I hope I get paid extra as well, lol. I should get double pay. I'll be working from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm which is for me is a long hours but at least I get to wear my own clothes and not uniform as long as it is something yellow or orange to bring sunshine at work. I hope we get sunshine sometimes or reasonable warm weather at least 65 fahrenheit because at the moment we are as low as 45 f. I am dying for a warm weather, com'on England give us sunshine please!

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Custom Build PC

Hubby is due to upgrade his PC and he has been thinking to get a custom build pc instead of buying a ready use computer. He is into builing technology especially now that he has the complete tools. Recently, he has been fixing my digital camera and celphones and it works. So, about his PC upgrades he is decided to get a custom build one. Easy as my PC is where he would like to get it because they offer such a low prices plus a full complete instruction and loads of illustrations. I guess, he is ready to costomise his own pc soon after we move. He talks a lot about it already. Actually, it is very easy that anyone can assemble and build their own computers and any gadgets at home. Plus with a full waranties and easy ram upgrades as well as CPU's.

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Saturday, 24 May 2008

Paddling Pool

Couple weeks ago we had a little heatwave that reached 75 fahrenheit. On that time the kids went to their grandparents house and played hours on the paddling pool that Grandad had set for them. They both had a great time if only I was there the whole time to enjoy it but unfortunately I was at work. I came later just in time for them to finish having fun. Anyhow, the kids had so mch fun and of course Daddy enjoyed snapping and capturing the perfect moments. And here's the photos!

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Best Network Security

As we all aware that security incidents are growing every year as the complexity of the threats increase then that is when the security measures requires to protect networks. That is when SCP comes so handy. Pragma is the big recommendations to protect small or big business in the industry. As it is not possible to protect anything especially if one understands what one wants to protect. Like for instance, organizations of any size should have a set of documented resources, assets and systems. The fact is that true security programs are difficult to find. And it is necessary to choose a schema
that has a certain amount of “cost” and an understood amount of security coverage like Pragma at The only place you can find the complete solution overviews. So, look no further and best visit now!

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Friday, 23 May 2008

Will be Working Late

Today, I will be working till 9pm because my manager rang me yesterday if I could extend my regular shift for 2 hours at least. Of course, typical me who never learn how to say "NO". For me saying "NO" is a big deal especially when it comes to my job. My manager loves me because rarely I say NO at all. I make sure I don't work this weekend because I want to spend time with my little one as will as with hubby. Because by monday I will be working the whole day again. Huh, it sure tiring but there is no such easy way to earn money. Gladly, my daughter have a week off from school so we will have so much time to go have an adventure, if the weather permits. And oh, our weather this weekend is not so great according to the forecast yesterday. It'll going to be below 10 degress and rainy, lol. So, we will see what we can do by then. See ya later guys and wish you all a very happy friday!

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Protect Your I-Phone

Have you got an i-phone? Do you wanna keep in shiny and new? Then why not buy an iphone cover to protect it from scratch and dirts. Invisible shield made an i-phone cover to protect it from damaging. It is a good thing to have to keep your i-phone brand new. Where to get it? Just visit the place that sells invisible shield for your i-phone. You dont have to worry if the invisible cover is to thick or not because the fact of the matter is, this invisible shield only has .2 millimeters thick making it the slimmest iPhone skin you can ever find. So, to protect your i-phone, best buy an invisible shield.

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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Friends Around the World

A tagged from Yen, hopefully it will increase my blog technorati rankings, hehehe. Thanks Yennygirl!

1. Copy from ::Start Copy Here:: through ::End Copy Here::.
2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. Just make sure to post this to each of the blog you added in the list.
3. Tag other online friends you know.You don’t need to be tag in order to join. If you want to join just post this one in your blog.
4. Let me know your blog’s name and url by leaving me a comment HERE. I will add you to the master list.That way, everyone is happy and can meet new friends too!
5. Come back once in a while to get the master list! Let’s see how this makes our Technorati and PR goes up!
6. DO NOT REMOVE THIS: scrap page made by Yen. Using alphas and tapes from Kate H., flowers from Ida,paper by Catrine.

1)Me and Mine 2)Creative in Me 3)Little Peanut 4)Pea in a Pod 5)Sugar Magnolias 6)Chez Francine 7)Mon-bric-a-brac de Cherrie 8)La Place de Cherrie 9)Simple World of Haze 10)Free-Will 11)Motherhood 12)Cornucopia Chronicles 13)A Photogenic Fella 14)Kk's Caboodle 15)My Endless Thoughts 16)A Blacksheep's Tale 17)Cheesley's Paradise 18)Discover Fashion 19Add your blog here

Now tagging everyone in my blogroll can post it to either of your blogs.....thanks!

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Wednesday, 21 May 2008


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Purple Dream by Gisela Designs

I was browsing the scrapbooking sites and stumble upon for the first time to this site that are own by Gisela and surprisingly she have all these gorgeous design that make me want to buy the moment I saw it. I bought 3 of her newest products which are, Purple Dream, Joy and Cherished moment. Why not you got take a look at Scrap-Heaven now, if you want to have a fun and trendy layout.

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Car Hire Italy

One of the country that I am dying to go is Italy. I wanted to see how the Roman's Architecture are and perhaps visit some other famous cities of the county such as Venice, Florence, Rome, Milan and a lot more. Soon as I get my naturalisation we would plan our trip to Italy. I would loev to explore the whole country and for that we have to hire a car to provide our own transport. It would make our life easy especially with the kids. I guess, I'll be looking to this Car Hire Italy one of the best ans trusted hire a car service.

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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Finally, I Scrapped!

These are my latest designs and I am happy that after a while I finally have my mojo back in scrapping. Only last night I decided to ignore all the opps and do some scrapping since I have so many kits to used. I sure bought a lot and it is a bit waste of money if I don't used it. So, enough I had a rest of my paid blogging and did some scrapping. See my credits here....thanks and hope everyone had a lovely day!

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Monday, 19 May 2008

Cher is my all time Idol

Believe me, all this time I am strong enough to live without you. Ever familiar of this lines? Yupp, one of Cher's classic song lyrics. Believe is my favourites of all. Oh well, I love all her music and Cher is just one of the best selling artist. Imagine, how she conquer's people heart where she sold 200 million records worldwide as a solo artist. It is not surprising because her music is just way too great that people will automatically adores, admires and fell in love with. I,on the other is dying to see her big concert in Las Vegas. It has been my greatest dream in life to see Cher's concert. But I know not at this time since we are a little bit tight of cash. But hopefully soon or sometime next year. I am still supporting her by buying her albums. I am one of her die hard fan, thats for sure. And, I know many of Cher's fan is now getting all excited about it her coming concert in Las Vegas. So, if you are one of them then you should start thinking of purchasing Cher tickets at Ceasars Palace soon as possible. Its better early that later or you will feel sorry for yourself. Simply get the ticket soon as you can to witness and see the solo artist Academy Award, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award as well as the three times Golden Globe Awards winner, no other than Cher.

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My Beauty Secret

A tagged from no other than the only beautiful lady Francine, I am so happy that your passing this tag to me yads.....

Here's my take:

My Foundation: I don't really use foundation that much only on occasion. So, I have Loreal and Rimmel.

My Blush: I only used Teen's Fashion 21 and sometimes Avon, simple as that!

My Day Cream: Ponds, Nivea, Loreal, and N0.7

My Lipstick: Loreal, Khol and Contour, Maybelline, Rimmel

My Essential Beauty Product: Loreal, Maybelline and Rimmel Lip Gloss, eye liner from Khol and Contour and from Loreal. Lip moisturiser either from Blistex, vaseline or neutrogena.

My favorite Make-up product: Body Shop, Loreal, Rimmel and Maybelline

My Perfume: Chanel, Gucci, FCUK, Elizabeth Hardin and Jlo's fragrance.

My Nails: Simple clean and polish with either Maybelline, Rimmel, and Revlon.

My Feet: Same as me Nails....

My hands: I used either Dove hand moisturising Lotion or Nivea.

Three Products to bring on a deserted island: Pantene Shampoo and Condition and frangrance.

Women I admire for their beauty: Thalia, Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, Reese Wetherspoon, Angelina Jolie, Alexandra De Rossi, Kc Concepcion, and Charlize Theron

Women with the best Sense of Style: Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Kate Middleton, and Jennifer Lopez

My ultimate dream: To be happy and healthy all the way.

My favorite fashion Publication: ELLEUK.COM

I am tagging, Pinay Lizzie, Ritchiella, Annie, Bless, Shabem, Emskie, Bb_Anne, Emjie, Nancy, Joydob and Ging2x

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Sugar in Brazil

Anyone can't live without sugar and it is one of the most essential part of our daily lives. Some others may say no thank to sugar in a cup of tea but others won't drink without. So, it is human's basic needs as their daily food supplements. Withou the Brazilian Sugar the world would have a sugar shortage. Brazil is known to be the world leader of the sugar industry. This year they are expected to produce more or less 32 millions tonnes of sugar. How amazing is that? Wonder where they grow sugar? They grow it in the Sao Paulo region, in the Center-South of the country. Brazil only competition for the world leader is India but the competitors is now dropping their sugar production while the Brazilian have produce more. So, thanks to the Sugar in Brazil for without them we won't have enough sugar in the world.

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Saturday, 17 May 2008

Investing for Another Lens

I had felt the love of digital photography just recently and had been inspired by many amazing bloggers of their awesome shots. I always enjoy flashing and its becoming one of my favourite hobby but of course shopping is still my number 1, lol. Having said that, I am now investigating and investing for the next lens that I am planning to buy this summer. So far, I have got 1 lens which is a telefoto and Macro type from 55mm-200mm. It has serve it purposed but of course I wanted to buy the IS lens because it would not need tripod no more. So, shopping is what I am thinking soon as I am financially free. So, tempting to buy one right now after looking at this awesome Image Stabiliser lenses. However, they are too pricey and right now I could not afford to buy one, not just yet for I am so skint after sending money to my family back home for my student's enrollment fees, they cost me fortune I tell yah.

Anyway, this is what I decided to get this June maybe a gift for meyself, lol. At the moment I am drooling to get one of this advanced 3-stop Image Stabilizer (IS) for it is the cheapest among others. But, even then, £470 is still way to expensive for me to be able to afford it unless hubby prefer to pay for it, lol.

The advanced 3-stop Image Stabilizer (IS) technology of the EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM lens makes it the ideal telephoto zoom when shooting in lowlight and at slow shutter speeds.

Affordable and powerful
3-stop Image Stabilizer
UD lens element improves image quality
Super Spectra coatings suppress flare and ghosting
Circular aperture provides pleasing background blur
Fast, quiet auto-focus

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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Unusual Weather

Last weekend it was unusual weather for May that hits 24 degrees about 75 fahrenheit. It feels like summer already that is our normal summer temperature. On Saturday we went out shopping and dining at our favourite Italian restaurant and then head to MIL house for some fun. The kids had a blast in little paddling pool in Granny's garden. (Will share the pics later on)

Before heading to shops, we had a little fun at our backyard and making some daisy chain. It was a beautiful day for picking daisy's and dandelion. My daughter had a great time as well as my little fella. Here are some shots at our backyard.

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Upside Living

Upside Living it is the choice of luxury. Talking about luxury, I would love to have some painted wall glass as well as italian pots on our living room. It is my kind of home decor and I know soon I will be able to decorate our own house. I would love to have at least few luxurious stuff in the house. That is why I have been web browsing and have stumbled to this upside living website that sells luxurious products for house and home improvement as well as unique gifts. Talking about gitfs, it is my husband 43rd birthday very soon and still I dont have idea what to get him. He would either love some men toys like something related to golf, films, gadgets and etc. So, I got an idea after browsing upside living unique gifts and thinking what if I would get him one of this gofler tabletop. I would have paste a photo but unfortunately the website don't allow copyright images. So I just put this link instead for you to see my idea of presents for hubby's 43rd birthday. I am so glad I found this upside living store otherwise I would have screwed hubby's present again. A great website with loads of luxury gifts, products and a visit for more information.

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One More to Go!

I can't help myself but look at these photos of my little boy when he was only a little baby. Look how cute he was and infairness he is still very cute now, lol. More even cuter I guess, hehehehe. I think I need one more baby then I stop. I can't wait to have my 3rd baby and I know its not gonna happen until 2010. However, waiting is a virtue so, therefore, I have to wait, hehehehe.

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Computer games has been hubby's favourite hobbies eversince. He plays all sorts of games on internet whenever he is free. I find it so entertaining hearing hubby's noise and witters throughout his games. So, my idea of a presents for him on his 43rd birthday which is gonna soon is to get him one of this Video's + Games. I could probably get him this Playstation Portable or PSP that he is been looking for weeks now. Glad to find this shopwiki where I can research for the best bargain shopping on internet. It is like wikipedia or google type of thing where we can easily find things we want especially bargain hunt online. At shopwiki is where to find for the best online shopping available. So, I am pretty sure I could get hubby's present's as cheap as it is to get from the mall. Plus, no need for me to go out as I hate taking public transport especially train. So, shopping online is so ideal for me especially with a shopwiki's help, it is even more convenient.

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