Friday, 25 April 2008

Product Endorsers

My kids are both working now as their Mummy's product endorsers as well as mummy's little models. Both of them love camera and camera loves them too:). Just last week I brought them with me to shop and bought few stuff each. Soon as we come both of them wanted to try their own new stuff, as usual they like having new things, lol. Wonder where they get it from? Of course, as a mummy I had my camera all set and took them photo each. I was thinking afterwards that they both can be a good product endorsers, hehehe. To everyone out there looking for one, here are my kids available depending on talent fee, lol. Just contact me, ok! And ohh, I finally made new layout, click here to see!

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Lolli said...

halo dame muzta ninyo dinha.
Agoy pagka gwapa ug gwapo sa imong kiddos uy :) angayan mag model as in cutie uy mwaaahhh

Happy weekend!!!

Lolli said...

nice kaayo imong ghimo nga layout dame ay :) super job!