Saturday, 26 April 2008

Natural History Museum

It is such a cool place to visit especially educating the kids. Both my kids love the museum with all types of animals. I must say that my Kath is a very smart lil girl who seems to know better in history as well different names of dinosaurs and all sort of animals. I was laughed by hubby when I was tryign to argue with our lil smart kookie about between the octopus and squid and as usual she is right. Bummer! So, Daddy said that I just have to shut up because I am always wrong which is true. Anyway, we all have great time and my son loves seeing dinosaurs. One great place to visit is the Natural History Museum in London. Here are some shots!

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Utah Mommy said...

Wala pa gyud tawn ning akong bugoy kasuroy ug museum haze ako lang unya ni isuroy puhon ug human nako panganak puhon then ig balik namo diri sa tate. Nag enjoy gyud ang mga bata oh.