Tuesday, 29 April 2008

My Precious Little Girl

I can't believe how grown up my Kath now. Imagine, she is a premature baby who is born 8 weeks early? He was only weighing 2.6 lbs and the height of 19 inches. Tiny, tiny little baby that make us all so worried by then. But with the help of God, whom made and sent us the finest instrument who happen to be Kath pediatrician who had look after my little tiny girl since she was born and until now or everytime we go back to Philippines.

Kath stayed in incubator for 3 weeks and won't be allowed home until she fully grown into the target weight. The doctor suggested to breastfeed but then later on my Kath was not really liking the Mummy's milk so, we had to switched her to formula's at a very young age. Tried so many different kinds of extracted milk to make sure which one she likes the best by basing on how much she had grown on the specific dates through under observation using the particular formula. And Promil Gold is her choice!. She had it until she is over 3 yrs old but not with the bottle because soon after she had her 2nd birthday, Daddy dediced to put her into one of those trainer cup. Dummy was also cut out 6 months later.

Now, she is growing so fine and healthy. Not to mention, the all sorts of vitamins she had taken all these years that helped her grow so fast not only as a beautiful fine little but as well as smart. She is growing so tall now and I know not long from now she'll be taller than me, lol.

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