Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Great Britain is still Snowing!

Oh yeah! We are still snowing here in Great Britain. I had heard that southeast England had a thinner snowfalls but the rest of United Kingdom were really had a heavy falls of snow last Saturday. Unbelievable and unpredictable weather! Apparently, we will have another snow tomorrow. OMG! Is this our spring here? I can't believe it! Before I know it we will have a snow on summer too, lol. Take a look at our snow photos on weekends! More Photos here....Enjoy!

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julai said...

hi ate haze,mamalihug ko ate b..magpa link ko sa ahong ubang blogs ngari ate and I will also add all your blogs in my blogs under bisdak planet members,mao ni ahong ubang blogs ate:


thanks a lot ate haze..aho na na copy ang urls sa imo blogs.let me know nlng tek ung imo nko ma add.