Monday, 14 April 2008

$100 Bucks Offer

As Francine want to know about this 100 bucks offer! What I am talking about is a $100 bucks offer from SR to my Discover Fashion blog. They buy a review for that blog which is worth 100 bucks. I must admit many people tend to love my DF blog. According to hubby I have picked the most unique and appropriate title "Discover Fashion", eh! So, I guess it's not a surprised that most advertisers love to buy reviews on that blog of mine but so far 100 bucks is the highest one. Hopefully, after work tomorrow I will be able to write my entry and make sure it is worth twice as they paid me (wink).

Thanks to all my visitors and to those who leave comments and message in my shoutbox, I promised to get back to each of your page by tommorow :).

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Anah said...


That is great news! $100 for a review offer is rare. Good job!

Have a nice day!

P.S I have a new website:

Francine said...

ahhhhh, i thought you'll be giving away $100 kay mojoin jud ko dayon ba hehehe.dako na sad ng 100 ba