Friday, 11 April 2008

10 Reasons I blog

I got hit by Mel and I am greatful and so honoured to write my reasons why I blog!

1)Experienced and Daily Life's short Online Diary.

2)A chance of meeting friends and expanding my knowledge about computers and etc.

3)Sharing my daily thoughts, get connected to my old friends too.

4)I can share my love of photography.

5)To learn many things such as digital scrapping which I learnt from a friend about a year ago.

6)Serve as my comfort Zone whenever I am sad, depressed or lonely.

7)Meeting different people and learning and understanding other ways of life.

8)I got a chance to earn money.

9)To explore and discover.

10)To develop my writing skills as well as grammar, lol.

From Mel, your site here too :)

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