Friday, 21 March 2008

Ready for Summer Get-away

Holiday, holiday, holiday! Talking about holidays, I am quite excited this year for I know we will be taking holiday and the year next too. Ohh well, this year I guess it'll be December (originally this summer) as our plan has changed recently due to some important reasons. But I know that even thought we will not be going this summer to my homeland we will do a another holiday instead be it within the country or another. I am so excited anyway wherever we may be this summer because I know it'll be another fun holiday.

Since, I am arts interest me we might be going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for some Artistic knowledge, perhaps. I also fancy going to Las vegas for there are loads of things to do in Las Vegas and perhaps tour around the country, lol. Hubby has been telling me how beautiful the grand canyon is and he promised me to take their next year as part of our trip. Las vegas city tours is available and a lot more to to see and do.

What about you guys? Any holiday plan this year? If so, I can share some I have known some family vacation ideas for us to take advantage with. You can even sign to the newsletter and have a chance to win an Ipod Nano. For your trip, holidays and more trust but no other than Trusted Tours & Attraction. Make sure to sign up the newsletter for a chance to win Ipod Nano. Offers only last till March 31st, so you must hurry now.

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