Sunday, 16 March 2008

Rapid Growth of Philippine Population

Last night me and hubby was searching about the England and Great Britain's population and how big it is compare to Philippines. After I chatter a friend I was curious to really find out how big Great Britain is - landwise. I know it before but I kinda forget it, lol. So typical of me! Anyway, Great Britain is only 500 metter smaller than Philippines but population is not growing as much as Philippines. Imagine few years ago, Philippine population was only 70 million something and now it's about 90 million? How rapid is that? Yes, and it has been predicted that in no time it will reach to 100 million. Huh? As to the life expectancy, Filipino women tend to live till 73 yrs old whereas filipino men only 64 yrs old while here in England, English women live to their 80's while English Men up to 78 yrs old. So, women tend to live longer than men.

Anyway, I am just as curious as hubby so we decided to do a research. So, Great Britain is only a small place. It consist of four country which are England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our land is very tight here that is why property is so rediculously expensive. Before I thought we are actually bigger than Philippines, lol. However, Philippine population growth has shocked to the country itself, lol. So, no wonder poverty and lack of education is so common.

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bb_anne said...

huh? can't believe it! i guess one of the reasons is lack of knowledge. Poor people have no idea about the available resources for birth control in heir areas.