Wednesday, 26 March 2008

10 Things that recently made me Happy

Bb_Anne got me this tag and thank you very much girl! Sorry for the delayed post though, lol.

My Snapshots = Recently I been taking photos and practising my photography and glad it all came out well. I am so happy about it.

Hubby's Promised = that this Saturday we will go buy my first Telefoto Lens. I am kinda excited and can't wait for the weekend, lol.

My Shoes = I have bought 4 pairs of summer shoes and that simply made me happy. Can't wait for the summer because I had enough of this cold weather until now we are below freezing and this never ending sleet snow. But glad I had these 4 pair of new shoes to wear this summer and that made my spirit up again.

Milo = this drink has been my favourite since I was just a little baby. I grow up driking Milo because as what my Mum says, I prefer Milo than the Milk, lol. So, hubby bought me one from the Filipino Store and that feeds my cravings. I am so happy having my hot Milo every morning.

Dried Fish = simply my cravings these days and glad hubby bought me 2 packs of dried fish nga bulinaw, lol.

Kath's performance = She had her ballet show yesterday at school and I had to come and watched her and all the way through she was dancing gracefully althought not perfect but she was wonderful performer. It simply made my day!

Ipod case = I was surprised by my husband of this pink Ipod case and that's just awesome thing to have.

My Son's Learning Skills = Oh, my 2 yrs old is way too smart and already knows a lot of things. I said it before and I will say it again that Motherhood is simply a rewarding task. I love being a mother to my two angels.

Paperworks = these things I really hate to do but what makes it great is, when there is someone who will do it for you, like for instance my husband did all my paperworks for me and all that renewal thingy, citizenship application and etc. Now, all my papers and documents are being sent without him hassling me. It's sweatless!

My daughter's grown up Teeth = Oh, she is just 6 yrs old and she already had her grown up teeth now. I mean 5 of them and what made me happy is, it all came out well and staight. Mind you, I look after their teeth and also taught both of my kids to brush their teeth every after meal and floss it every now and then. So, I hope the rest of my daughter's teeth will come out just as straight as the first 5 ones. It would be great and less expensive for us, lol.

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bb_anne said...

4 pairs of shoes! OMG! that's really cool...