Friday, 7 March 2008

5 Hottest Blogs

Alright, since Ivy has tagged me, I am obligue to pick the 5 hottest blogs in all time. Don't worry friends if your not in my picks, ok.

Here's the rules:

1. Simply choose five blogs you want to be included in your "top five list".
2.Give a short line or explanation why you put them on your list.One explanation for each of every blog.
3.Now tag as many blogs as you want.You can also tag those blogs you've listedin your TOP can also put your own blog in your list if you want
4.[for those who've been tagged]you can also vote for a blog that was been nominated already
(besides,this is what this meme is intended for,to know how many bloggers will nominate your blog)
5.Submit your TOP FIVE HOTTEST BLOG ENTRY here . Submitted blogs will be the only one to be included in the tally
6.Remember:Submissions of entries starts from MARCH 1 2008 to MARCH 25,2008
and top five hottest blog winners will be anounced in MARCH 29,2008
7.enjoy listing your top five!!!

+end copy here+

My 5 hottest blogs:

1) Ronel's Livelihoood - I love his posting because it has a very informative content and also I learn a lot from his blog about different historical event and the way he express himself through his blog.

2) Embrace Simplicity - I so love her blog and the content of course, the designs, the digital scrapping. Actually a very humble blog and I love the elegance of each entries too. Her intelligence, her creativity, and the perfection of grammar usage too.

3) Hobbies and Such - I love reading her daily post, to know what are they been up to and everything such like their family trip and those awesome photography of hers. The design and it's fruitful content. Yupp, grammar wise has used nicely.

4) The Daily Matters - Ohhh, the author of this blog is so smart. I love her grammar so fluent of the so called medium. Smartly used of those hard and big words, really. Again, a very humble blog and great entries!

5) Captured Memories - Love all the featured freebies she always posted in her blog. This girl has many talent, clever and beautiful. If you see her blogs, you will surely love all them. The designs, the way she writes and all those different informations and very interesting personal post too.

I simply love these 5 blogs I picked eversince before I am new to this blogging world. I admires the faces behind this blogs. I love the way they writes and express themselves. I learn a lot through them as well as the rest of my blogger friends. There are loads of unbelievable bloggers and their blogs around but 5 is the number I have to pick. But for me we are all amazing, I am no exception to that, lol. If only I could pick more than 5 but that would be endless, hehehehe. I gave chance to this 5 people to pick their choice!

Now tagging my 5 hottest picks!
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Chikai said...

thank you so much for including me in your top 5 list haze. i'm really honored and flattered. :)

Angie said...

Hi Haze, thanks for this tag. It's a pure pleasure to be one of your hot picks. LOL. This sounds like fun! Hehe. Have a great weekend!

jennyr said...

hey girl, i'm so flattered that i made it to your list! thanks so much!!! I'm here to let u know that I have a tag for you at this link and so surprised to see my blog being in the list so once again, thank you! I'd be doing this soon, i'll let u know when I'm done...

♥Shabem-®♥ said...

Oh Haze I am just really humbled of what you said. Thank yo so much my friend. Really appreciated!

Rolly said...

Salamat ani day Haze, karon pa gyod ko kabantay kay karon pa pod ko nanglili sa ako email, lipay ko kay ako diay ang number 1 ..heheheh, mouli nako karong Friday pohon malooy ang ginoo, salamat pod sa imo comment didto, at least naa koy idea ba