Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Thinking to Enlarge this Photo

This is the pic of the first daisy I found this year in the outside park. I was amazed that daisy grew so early this year whereas they should be starting to grow during spring time. I guess our temperature is milder this winter. The first time I saw it I quickly took a snap before its sleep since it was already half passed 4pm when I gone out and I know that soon as the sun will set the daisy flower will start to fade and sleep.

Of course having my DSLR make a big difference when capturing the perfect photo and I used the auto focus with a close-up shot mode. And I was so happy that it came out so wonderful the photo I took from the ground. It's oustounding with a blurry background effect which makes the single flower stands out perfectly. I am so happy and for that I am thinking of taking this shot to a
digital enlargements shop and will make 4 copies of it and give it away to my in-laws and parents. I am so proud of my photography considering as a beginner but perhaps everyone could argue that photography is not a complicated job only it requires reading guidelines and manual on how to take a good photography.

Plus, what more is, I found this perfect website to have my digital enlargement at learntodream.co.uk and thats where I am taking my shot. I can't wait to see in printed out. I bet its gonna be stunning!

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