Tuesday, 12 February 2008

List of things to Do

I have this endless things to do in my mind but even a single one I haven't started yet. Hay! Life sometimes can be so cruel that it would not let you sit and relax for a day. Here's my list that is need to be done before the end of this month.

1)Passport Renewal- Both me and my daughter needs our passport to be renew for it will about to expire the next month which is just few days away.

2)GP's Appointment for my Son's 2 yrs old check-up.

3)Dental check-up for the 4 of us which is already due date a week ago.

4)Citizenship - Right after my passport renewal, I would then apply for a naturalisation.

5)Driving Lesson - Hubby has been nagging me to learn to drive so I could explore the whole England even without his presence, lol. He is just worried that I get bored here in the house and going to the same places if he is not around. I don't like commuting, its a lot hassle for me and for my kids.

I am not actually ready for my naturalisation, I begged hubby if I can do it next year so I can have the whole year to prepare for it. Yay! I am a little nervous and would prefer to wait till next year.

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