Friday, 29 February 2008

Life Lock stop Fraudulent

HAHA I just saw this news item about Experian, it makes me laugh. Credit agencies make loads of money from credit companies for holding information about us, but they do not work for us and they doN'T help us, they work for the credit companies. Now look at life lock, they are being sued by experian and whats really great about them is Life Lock WORK FOR US not the credit companies or the credit agencies.

They help protect us against identity theft, they make experian do proper checks of creditors before they are allowed to give out our information (which is what has upset them because it is costing them money!) and they keep on updating the alerts so we are always covered. No more junk mail, no more credit card companies sending rubbish, we have a great box of paper which we dont dare trash because of ID theft and it is ALL junk mail waiting to be burned. Life lock will stop that for you and if all else fails and you do get caught out they will put everything right again with lawyers and repayments guaranteed up to US$1 million, ha no wonder the credit agency does not like them, they cost them money, they make them do a proper job and they work for US. Go check them out :)

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