Friday, 29 February 2008

Life Lock stop Fraudulent

HAHA I just saw this news item about Experian, it makes me laugh. Credit agencies make loads of money from credit companies for holding information about us, but they do not work for us and they doN'T help us, they work for the credit companies. Now look at life lock, they are being sued by experian and whats really great about them is Life Lock WORK FOR US not the credit companies or the credit agencies.

They help protect us against identity theft, they make experian do proper checks of creditors before they are allowed to give out our information (which is what has upset them because it is costing them money!) and they keep on updating the alerts so we are always covered. No more junk mail, no more credit card companies sending rubbish, we have a great box of paper which we dont dare trash because of ID theft and it is ALL junk mail waiting to be burned. Life lock will stop that for you and if all else fails and you do get caught out they will put everything right again with lawyers and repayments guaranteed up to US$1 million, ha no wonder the credit agency does not like them, they cost them money, they make them do a proper job and they work for US. Go check them out :)

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Happy Mother's day!

March 2, Sunday will be our Mother's day here in England. It is usually the first Sunday of the month of March. I know its kinda strange for me because I used to celebrating mothers day every May but since England UK is my home now I'll have to adapt their cultures.

After all, is not that bad especially when I am already a residence here and soon will be a citizen. So, yeah on Sunday I planned to attend a birthday celebration at the same time Mother's day party. I will surely celebrate the mother's day with full of love and surprises by Saturday and Sunday morning before going to party.

Just today I went to my daughter's school as they have a mother's day concert and it was fantastic! Here's a layout that I made last night about being a mother and its reward. I also extend my warmest greetings to all the mother's out there, Have great happy mother's day!

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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Beautiful Photo of Swans

Hubby, me and the kids went to the tilgate park and in the lake we saw few swans. Hubby took the photo of the two black swans where I took the white one. Who do you think is better? Anyway, check out my weekend snapshots here.

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Saturday, 23 February 2008

My New Layout

Hay, it's been a while since my last layout, its just that I been so occupied this weeks. My daughter is off-school for 11 days inclucing weekends. I mean she has her half-term break so what I did is make sure she do something exciting everyday. I took her to different leisure places only. She had her swimming a lot and she seems enjoying it.

Tomorrow, Daddy is taking us to the Sea World in Brighton so its going to be another fun week for us. I will share photos on my daugther's blog, alright? Not tonight for its already too late here. I need to go to sleep because I had to get up early in the morning and clean-up for we had another viewers again. Hay, how I wish someone will offer our place so we can move out by August. Selling house is not easy after all. If there is one word I can say, it would be "stressful".

Anyway, here's my layout for tonight. I am glad I had time to play up with my elements again. I made my money worth for doing several layouts in one kit.

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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Debt Collection

Don't we all wish to have an income without costing any sweats? Yeah, I am pretty much fed-up of my work already. I am even considering of getting a degree while there is still time so I could get a better and stable job in the future. Sitting in the counter serving customers is not what I want to do forever, just it comes as convenient for me for me to get out the house. At the end of the day its my first job here in UK. But how I wish I could just sit down and relax while I have loads of profits coming into my bank account. If only I had all the dough in the world but unfortunately I haven't got any, even a single penny I struggle to find.

What about the the others out there who are tired of their job or their business after some following profits failures. Why don't you try this Debt Collection at where they offer help to get back to your good profits and earn back your business. Americanprofit is the place to come for when you are in danger of losing you business. Try them, they sure can help your business to earn back profits and accomplish things once again. One more chance to generate your business profits by the help of americanprofit company.

Let them help your business to grow and expand and generate more profits in the future. No worries for they are the most respectable company in the world and are reliable to use. Their staff are customer-friendly and are experts of debt collection so there is a big chance 100% for your business to get back into running. Its worth looking and checking the americanprofit now.
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Sunday, 17 February 2008


This is the white tulips last week in my bedside table

More Photos here

Tulips-a plant from the lily family bearing colorful, cup-shaped flowers 2. the Reformed system of doctrine which exalts the God of heaven and earth for the salvation He gives to man. As they say, you can't have spring without tulips. Tulips bloom in almost any shade from bold, primary colors to soft pastels. Create an indoor window box by lining up several pots of tulips on a sill. Sprouting out of baskets or pots, the splendor of blooming tulips indoors signifies the coming of spring. If you are too impatient to precool bulbs, try 'Jingle Bells,' a variety you can force in water like hyacinths and paperwhite narcissus. Tulips is a national flower in Holand.

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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

I love my Kids

Yes, I been scrapping again today after a whole week without creating a single LO. Now I am back to my mojo again and I hope I can create more than one. I love scrapping and there are loads of people inspired me after looking at their Layouts from digishoptalk. Shabem is one that I admire most, she really had a fastastis design. Such a creative and artistic woman. She seems loads of idea of creating different designs and every single one of them stands out. Yupp, on her page I first saw a digital scrapping and was determine to learn it and now I am so happy that I didn't quit for quitter dont win, lol. Above photo is my recent LO and see credit here......Enjoy!
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Thinking to Enlarge this Photo

This is the pic of the first daisy I found this year in the outside park. I was amazed that daisy grew so early this year whereas they should be starting to grow during spring time. I guess our temperature is milder this winter. The first time I saw it I quickly took a snap before its sleep since it was already half passed 4pm when I gone out and I know that soon as the sun will set the daisy flower will start to fade and sleep.

Of course having my DSLR make a big difference when capturing the perfect photo and I used the auto focus with a close-up shot mode. And I was so happy that it came out so wonderful the photo I took from the ground. It's oustounding with a blurry background effect which makes the single flower stands out perfectly. I am so happy and for that I am thinking of taking this shot to a
digital enlargements shop and will make 4 copies of it and give it away to my in-laws and parents. I am so proud of my photography considering as a beginner but perhaps everyone could argue that photography is not a complicated job only it requires reading guidelines and manual on how to take a good photography.

Plus, what more is, I found this perfect website to have my digital enlargement at and thats where I am taking my shot. I can't wait to see in printed out. I bet its gonna be stunning!

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List of things to Do

I have this endless things to do in my mind but even a single one I haven't started yet. Hay! Life sometimes can be so cruel that it would not let you sit and relax for a day. Here's my list that is need to be done before the end of this month.

1)Passport Renewal- Both me and my daughter needs our passport to be renew for it will about to expire the next month which is just few days away.

2)GP's Appointment for my Son's 2 yrs old check-up.

3)Dental check-up for the 4 of us which is already due date a week ago.

4)Citizenship - Right after my passport renewal, I would then apply for a naturalisation.

5)Driving Lesson - Hubby has been nagging me to learn to drive so I could explore the whole England even without his presence, lol. He is just worried that I get bored here in the house and going to the same places if he is not around. I don't like commuting, its a lot hassle for me and for my kids.

I am not actually ready for my naturalisation, I begged hubby if I can do it next year so I can have the whole year to prepare for it. Yay! I am a little nervous and would prefer to wait till next year.

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Sunday, 10 February 2008

K's Classmates!

They were aorund few weeks ago and had a dinner here in our place. I took photo to each of them and the one who came out the most photogenic is Milligail (the first photo below). They are Kath's good friends in school maybe because I get on well with their parents plus they are co-filipino's too. Its nice to have them around and infairness they are wonderful mothers and are very sweet. During weekends we usually have a little gatherings and do some outdoors activities. This weekend we had plan to go for swimming but unfortunately hubby decided he would come along to spend time with us exclusively for he felt guilty for working longer hours for the past couple of weeks. So we went to K2 and had our swimming but I promised my crowds that we will go for it by next weekend, will see.

Anyway, K's classmates from the first photo down the bottom are Milligail, Ashley and Nicole. Aren't they gorgeous?

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Friday, 8 February 2008

My Kids

I had to take photos of my kids and I together so I could add it into our family album. I am actually thinking of printing some sepia photo to display it in our hallway above the painting decor but I haven't got any chance also we need a new ink too. I hope to do it this week. I got another loads of new photography here and here....Take a peek if interested, thanks!

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Friday, 1 February 2008

Forever Friends Awards

Its so nice to received these an awards as a friendship forever, lol. Who handed this to me? No other than Mrs JennyR, I want to thank her a lot! Thanks Jen!

FF Award

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