Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Yeah this is it! 2008 Welcome!

Yeah, last night me and my family celebrated new year in our place. Together we welcome the new year of our life and hoping for the best of it. We only had crisp and champagne, nothing so fancy. Only we watched and witness the awesome London fireworks display and it was fantastic! Thousands of people was gathered to welcome the 2008 and the successful display.

New years day I went to work, I know its holiday and I should get double pay for my effort to do the OT today. I started at 10 am and finished 5pm it was long tiring day. Instead we go out for dinner I opted to stay home for I was so exhausted from work and need to lie down, so I slept for couple of hours then hubby just bought some take awat pasta.

Tomorrow hubby is going back to work after a long 2 weeks of holiday. He will be out during afternoon and planning to take us and drop us off to the mall for some shopping. Its January sale here and it does that every year. Big clearance sale 50 up to 70% off. Hopefully I could get many stuff for my kids on sale especially my Kath because seems she grown out all of her jeans already. Struggling to find one that fits her today, maybe because most of it are still in my laundry and need to be iron, lol. Gosh its new year I should be more organised as a new years resolution, hehehehe.

I won't cross my finger though (wink).


♥Shabem-®♥ said...

Our New Year's Day was spent with relatives and we definitely had a blast. On the 24th we made sure we spent time with each other pod.
We played board games and watched movies. Seems like everything went well with you guys. It sure is nice to catch up the sales early morning here. Hope you can buy some great stuff for your kids.
Cheers! Happy New Year.

GBex said...

hello Haze!...belated happy new year to you and to your family!....

I added you in my bloglinks already!....bless you!

Midas said...

I have a tag for you here.

Happy new year Haze.