Thursday, 31 January 2008

Waterland (NEW LAYOUT)

As you can see, I been scrapping, scrapping, scrapping lately. I was just thinking that its about time to use all the elements and goodies I have been buying recently and even months ago. I haven't scrap enough and a thought that I might waste them all. At least I know that buying all these goodies are useful and worth my money, lol. So, I been trying to make layouts as I can since its my day-off for work. Anyway, just see my credits at DST, thank you!
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♥Shabem-®♥ said...

Haze you can view all the layouts sa layout gallery. You see there is a forum and layout gallery where you upload your layouts. Must be good if you have one sign in name para sayon ra.
After you upload LOs ma view mana nimo dayon ug i click nimo nang layout gallery sa Menu Bar.
I resize mine to 500x500 para dili mo exceed sa limit. Hope ma figure out nimo. Pero I saw naka upload naka ug tulo. So keep posting you will enjoy it there hehehe...

jennyr said...

nice! Perting kugi nimo diha og scrapping haze ah! btw, i got an award for you at this link!