Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Visit to Crystal Palace

On Sunday we went to hubby's brother's house in Crystal palace and it was a blast! I did have a chance to sing along with Imelda a co-filipino who works as their personal helper. She had a nice voice and always get a 99 score while me my highest was 72 and lowest was 62, definitely needs more practise, lol. It was so funny but who cares its only me and her and I love singing, I am desperate singer, I guess hehehehe. Anyway here's some snap I captured of the kids with their cousin Fred.


Merydith said...

Ka gwapa jud sa imong baby girl Haze uy. Wish maka baby girl sad mi pero it doesn't matter man sad ba. Maayo imo kay paris na. Take Care !!!

♥Shabem-®♥ said...

Great looking kids! Thanks for letting me know sa name sa font free to download to?
Anyway i search lang nako.
Have a wonderful day nimo diha Haze!

jennyr said...

maau kaau mo posing imong babaye Haze oi!hehehe!