Monday, 7 January 2008

Gold Fish

Today I was about to get ready half passed 12 noon going to work and suddenly I remembered that I dont have to. Guess why? Because its my holiday allocated by my manager, lol. I completely forgot all about it that my holiday starts the 7th of Jan 2007 and until 14th so I have the whole week free. Gosh, what a goldfish I am! [LAUGH]

I have no idea and I even got up early this morning and was ranting why do I have to go to work. Glad I remembered it when I was about to have my shower and I realised I have holiday plus its paid. I wish I could have holiday all the time but I'm afraid it doesn't work that way, lol. Lazy ass doesn't get reward, full stop! [hehehehe] But At least I got a week-off and can do whatever I want without rushing if I am late or not. Cool, dont you think?

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