Sunday, 20 January 2008

Can't Wait for Summer

We all know that we are only in the mid winter and all the summer stuff are all out already. In television there is already summer adverts with some prospective destination for summer to come. List of summer fun and activities too. People are going to be excited and sure are looking forward for the sunny days to come where they can do sunbathing everyday and a relaxation with a fresh summer breeze. We will be on our trip to Philippines and hopefully we can do Boracay if not hongkong with some of my family. I am anxious and can't wait.

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Darlene said...

Wow hot body gyud ka haze woi mura lang gyud ka wa gawsi ug bata duha ka buok ba hehehe keep it up haze.

smilebabe said...

nice photo haze! I can't wait till spring and summer too. I don't like winter that much. It makes me gain weight because I am always eating and hibernating. Anyways, I am excited about ur trip back home. Makes me wanna go home too.

Sarah said...

mare sexy natin parang d pa 2 anak