Sunday, 13 January 2008

Birthday Pics

Here we go again! Picture sharing time! Yeah, this was during my 16th birthday, hehehe. How I wish! Anyway JennyR always asked me the photos everytime I mention about events then there is no photos attached. That is because my Laptop memory space are full and I couldn't find the power of my hard drive so I can move my piles of photos on there. If I download photos I have to erase some from my previous pictures to make space for the recent one. Gosh this is really annoying. I guess I took too many photos this year, lol.

Anyway, here's some shots on my little party with the ultimate friends. It was a simple salo-salo (pure pinoy) and that is what I like where I can make ki-at to the max and take photos to my heart content. Enjoy! Happy weekend!


Rissa said...

ka cute sa imong cake Haze. daghan pod bisita og handa. looks like the foods are yummy. thanks for sharing the pics. i enjoyed viewing them.

♥Shabem-®♥ said...

Yeah looks like a great celebration gyud Haze.
Makalaway gyud and foods.I am not sure ug mo wish ko nga 16 pa hehe..
murag nahan ko ron nga mi mature na then naa na baby lol.
I love being a mom na basta go shopping with my little man.
Lovely group pic!