Sunday, 6 January 2008

Birthday is Over

Another birthday is over for me and it was sure a blast yesterday with friends and kiddo's. We had a delished filipino food and loads of left over here. Only I wish that I had my family, nieces and nephew to pig out with me.

I wanna thank you to all you had left me greetings and comments. I appreciate it all guys...Heading off to Crystal Palace now to spend time with nephew and perhaps stroll around in the mall.



Rissa said...

glad to know u had a blast on ur bday Haze. belated happy bday!

recel said...

oi... happy birthday mo pala haze? hmm... belated nalang ha... i am sure it was a great time!

jennyr said...

asa naman pictures?hehehe! i'm glad u had a great time!