Friday, 4 January 2008

Birthday Girl

Now, Im off to work and celebrate my birthday serving customers, lol. Anyway I'll be back earlier at night around 7ish so will have plenty of time to continue celebrating my day. Already had my presents from hubby, kids and from my father and mother in-law. It was a pleasant surprised, didn't expect anything fancy for I had my big presents during christmas which was a joint of my birthday, my DSLR. But hubby has been extra generous and got me a Nine West handbag and purse plus a tie-rack wrapped around scarf.


♥Shabem-®♥ said...

Lucky you! Enjoy the new camera it's definitely a must have.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Tuod gi delete nimo imong friendster?hehe..

Rissa said...

happy birthday gwapa! nalate man diay ko oi. sorry au ha. i hope u had a great time on ur special day. wish u all the best.

BB_ANNE said...

belated happy bday! late n jod kaayo akong greetings..wish you well this year..^^