Sunday, 20 January 2008

Accredited Online University

One thing I regret in life is I didn't finish any degree. If I stayed in Philippines i would have done a degree. But I have no choice for I dont want to be separated from my husband and kids. I guess they are more worth having than my degree, especially now that I now I can still continue and pursue my dream of finishing my studies and earn diploma's. Capella offers an accredited online university. They are apparently the first and the only online university that is accredited by CACREP. So I have to check its website for more information. I really is desperate to further my education and get a good job somehow. Because right now I get to the point that I am not enjoying my job anymore and its a little boring for me and unchallenging. I want a job that is more challenging and fulfilling. For me that is how it should be and not to gloat I know far more better than all those brainless supervisors who just stand there and look miserable all day. Loads of my customer had made a complaint and even added that they looked unhappy serving their clients therefore they should not be working. I just cackled inside.
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