Thursday, 27 December 2007

Christmas Eve

We were away since Sunday to celebrate Christmas in Amberley Surrey (in-laws house). We stayed there for 4 days. We arrived on Sunday and supposed to be going to church but due to some arrangement problems we didn't but on Christmas eve we managed to attend the Crib Service. My kids loved going to church with us and grandparents especially the big sister (Kath). Little boy was doing the same thing (screaming and whinging all the way through. After the crib service we head down directly to the "Boat Restaurant" where FIL & MIL had the table reservation for the whole family. We simply spent our Christmas eve dining out with them and the food was sure delished. Here's some few photo's to share and Christmas Days was sure loads of fun....especially opening presents. Will share the pics in my other blogs, just checked it out or I'll make an entry here soon as I am done posting with it. Loads of photo's to share...I hope everyone had a blast on Christmas.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Wanna be Expert in Poker?

Gaming online is such a popular choices these days and many of us knows that keep us entertain especially in boring days. That is why there are some company and organisation who created some online entertainment such as internet gaming online and such. I, on the other hand has been playing poker and sort of other games on the web. I keep myself busy before I go mad of this freezing days. Though I am not a good poker player but I learn many techniques by simply using holdem calculator to play the odds poker and win or to simply dominate the opponent. These are available now from a site that has everything you look for on online gaming. Many professional players who are kind enough to help those desperates one who wanted to take up to the next level in playing poker and by using poker odds and poker calculator you can play online poker easily and can win more hands. Does it sounds good? So why not visit now and see the beautiful, neat and well-civilised gaming site.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Weekend Rundown

This the first thing I did on Sunday before I got ready to go party. I dressed up my kids to their little helper's outfit and took a picture but it was not at all easy since my boy is a little off-colour and was not at all in the mood for picture2x but I guess this is just as good as it gets. More pics here....on Kath's blog......

On Saturday we spent our whole time with the family only. We got so many invites from friends to come over to their houses but we turn them down because our kids needs our full attention and we seldom give it unless during weekends. There are loads of time for invites and friends moments. Anyway we just simply spent our day in the mall, had a stroll around despite the cold weather. At the end we all had a blast and here's a photo to share and click here for more pics......

This is her first made layout for more details visit her blog because we posted it together about her daily happenings on there.

Last but not least, I got this award from JennyR-A window to our World's Blog and thank dear friend for this cool award. The other one is from Anne Sanborn on

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Back from the Cocktail Party

This weekend was great for us and such a blast. Yesterday we went malling with kids do some christmas shopping and stroll around every shops in the mall and got some cute stuff for me and the family. Today we went to my father in-laws cocktail party and it was a wonderful day. Same old visitors and I was en-charged with the kids at the same time minggling with the guest. Not so many picture with the guest though because I was too embarassed to asked their permission for photo taken. I didn't see anyone flashing apart from my in-laws. I took most pics with the kids and me and will try to upload in tonight and shared it with family and friends.

I spoke with my Mama last night and was asking for photos after the party as I told them that the kids will be wearing little helper's outfit. Mum is so keen to see her grandchildren in custome so, I must do it.

Saturday, 15 December 2007


When I first had my laptop a year ago it was running so smoothly fast because there were only few icons that has been save and downloads. I often dont defrag my pc or clean up all the save files from documents and settings every night because I cant be ask and thought it would be alright, I seldom restart as well and prefer just suffer the slow connection, lol. Now its getting to the point that it badly needed a defragging because is really, really running very slow and hubby's is getting annoyed aleady everytime I called him for help to rescue for sometimes it would just hang-up and to make it worst a sign saying "out of memory spaced". How many downloads and files I have saved? Gosh I can't even count on, too many I guess. Hubby do delete my cookies and history files and it does help but later on it will all go back to slow mode again.

What I really need is Lacelevel2 free (Up to 80GB partition) product measures your disk's fragmentation and advise you to defrag your disk on time, before it is too late and let you postpone the only solution of upgrading your computer when it starts being slow. I've read the website itself and it sounds really promising and great solution to this annoying slow connections. Here's the website link, you might intereste to try it for you, check it on and see if it helps your PC run faster. It should do because it will give this free up to 80GB partition which I think its a lot of space memory and surely will help your connection really fast.

I can't wait to try mine now but first I must get my breakfast so I can have energy and patience today. Remember I am lack of sleep and can be moody, I warn you!

Latest Layout

Finally, finally, finally! I made some layout with some of the goodies I recently purchased. Whew! I was really late last night, went to bed not until passed 3 am and yeah, now I am up early because I had to mail away some greeting cards. I also need to ring my manager if I could make-up my christmas eve shift to another days. I won't be working on that day because I'll be away to my in-laws for 4 days to celebrate christmas. I wish everyone a great weekend!

here's the credits:

bgpaper:Amy wolf (edited)
torn paper overlay:Andreas design
folded ricrac:Andreas design
ripped paper:Jofia
ribbon:Natalie Braxton
button ribbon, stars, doodles:Jofia
Flower:Tere d'agile
font:DJB Messe Amanda

credits to:
split carbaord:Mercie Larsen
ribbons:Natalie Braxton
Stars:Rachel Boball
Swirl:Rachel Boball
Flowers:Kalanice tere
Flowers rust:harvest spice by shabby princess
Alpha's:Harvest spice by SP
doodles:chaos lounge

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Blessings and Blessings

I maybe banned in PPP for 2 weeks but that doesn't stop me earning as much as I used to if not more since I am blessed of more opps from other blogging organisation. Today I've done 3 task to this blog and still have 10 opps more to do on my other blogs. I probably earn more than I am in PPP because since the PR went mad I didn't have that many opps anyway like it used to be. Anyhow its not the end of the world 2 weeks banned is only a short while. I was guilty of taking more than 3 opps in one blog which I thought was ok.

So much for that ranting. Now I give you my beautiful kids pictures that I took last night after their bath. If you notice my daughter had a new haircut with a shorter french this time, its obvious that she is a dora explorer fan. As to my boy he wanted a Go Diego Hair-cut but God no I can't do it, its bit tricky, lol. So I'll leave his hair like that.


Phone coversation these days does always cost fortune, that is why I limit my calls this month after I received an expensive phone bills which cost my allowanced. From now on I am going to take my friends advice to just join in talk121 where there is chat lines that is cheap as a penny. My friend has been using this for few months now and it saved her a lot from phone bills. I browse the website last night and read everything about it. Yes it has a phone chat where you guys and gals can talk to each other no matter how far they are.

They can either used free chat live or leave voice personals. Up to them or can request a live talk from the other side of the chats. I really think this is great. You can chat whole day and it wont't cost even a single penny. How cool is that! Yes I am this much happy about this latest chat lines my fiend introduced to me. So if your are as practical as me you better check talk121 and registered if needed and save bucks.

Happy Holidays

Here's a holiday layout for you guys. Hope you will have a good holiday this year and that you'll all be showered with loads of blessings and always good health.

I finally start scrapping using all the goodies I recently purchased from different designers. This is is credit to Miss Cinzial Loosemore from digital freebies. Everything on this layout is her holiday kitd design.

Teen Chat is here

Looking to grow more friends online and in real life? Then why not try joining online chatting at They offers chat lines that is free and unlimited 24/7. Yes it is completely a free chat to anyone in the world who is interested in making friends in the world wide web and who knows you might meet them in person and become good intimate friends. I know when how long teens spend their time in the PC or any internet cafe just have teen chat and instead of paying here's a free edition that is cool and easy. All you need to do is registered and your good to go. So why wait?

Presents After Presents

The first present we got is from our friend Michaela and Baldwin Cucharo. We had our early christmas dinner plus a celebration on her 2nd time pregnancy which she long to have. She is 38 and was worried she's not going to have anymore child after multiple miscarriaged. They have a gorgeous 7 yrs old son but wanted one more before she hit 40 or let say menopausal, lol.

Anyway God is so good because HE granted their wish, one of their best Christmas this year is carrying her 2nd child.

Anyhow before we head out they handed 4 gifts to us. We didn't even think about what to give for them yet as we are not that organised. Anyway it was our first presents of the year from Mr and Mrs Cucharo.

Today I just recieved so many holiday cards from families and friends. Hubbys grandmother is even better than us. At the of 94 she still organised enough to do her shopping e.i buy the cards. When there occasion she never fails to send cards to us and what more she always enclosed a cheque. This time it is worth £200 which is very generous of her. Blessed her heart!

Gambling Online

I was asked by someone if what happen to the gambling is US that is now already banned in the country? Will it continue or it will be overturned?

Oh yeah! Are you a big fan of gambling? I think it will overturned because people would not take NO or anything as quick as that and they always find and find another way to create one from another. Online gambling will definitely retain because of the number of people who enjoyed playing gaming online and gambling is one of it for sure. It wouldn't exist if there is no people plays with it. In fact its becoming more and more popular already.

There are many ways of entertainment but it depends what people prefers to be. Gambling would definitely exist for many years though it is not good for some people especially teenages but I guess the one can play are in legal age even if it is online. I once searched for best gambling games online and here's one that I found the Israeli online casino boats and its really cool website with all their easy navigation and user-friendly tools. Nothing else is worth looking if you come across this one casino boats first, is just one of the best online gambling website. For the best top gambling bonus then you better take a look at the site itself. So yes this what I am talking about that online gambling will remain popular despite the banned.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Scrapping Addict Sunday (Snow)

Here's my layout for scrap addict sunday themed (snow). This picture was taken last year winter. Sorry for it is already late here now so I better write down my credits tomorrow, promise!

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Got a Sore Eyes

Gosh! Its unbelievable the sickness during winter days. It never stop! First my son then my daughter, my husband back to my son and now to my daughter and finally me. its cycle and unstoppable. What could we do?

I give you some ideas, my kids had fever first then cough and now sore eyes and passed it down to me. Yes I got a sore eyes now and its really annoying where I can hardly open my eyes. Its really uncomfortable and heavy also a little bit painful. We got medicine for it.

My son got over his sore eyes and now the cough just started. What the heck! My daughter missed school for a week now and what more she even missed her ballet show yesterday (thusrday). Why is it? Is it the season of illnesses? It might have to do with the winter and winds that brings ug on to us. Grrrrrrrrrrr! Unbelievale!

Anyway, goodnight for now and see you tomorrow.

You many enjoy your weekend!

Dubai Holiday

Who is not dreaming to go visit dubai? I bet we all are. You have no idea how I nagged hubby just to take me to dubai one day. I don't need to rush because I know we have to save-up for it for once you are in there you could not resist the temptation to shop since it is the world center of shopping with good malls selection available.

No worries about accomodation thought since you can just grab one of this dubai apartments avaialable for short term rental portal or simple grab a luxurious rooms in one of dubai hotels, your choice and its really up to you whether to stay in expensive accomodation or a cheaper one. Either way is good for me as long as I have a chance to go shopping in Dubai city and see the beautiful malls out there. So many options for accomodations such as dubai hotel apartments be it overlooking or east accessibilty to any attractions in the town.

Speaking of attractions I am longing to go for dessert safari adventure. Do you? Yes soon as I heard about how wonderful and fun it is, oh boy the more I am bugging hubby everyday as I could. Poor hubby! Soon enough he will say yes to my request to my dubai that I long to visit. I wanted to see the beautiful city of dubai since its been always one of the top tourist destination in the world. Too envy of my friend who have been there already and keep thinking when will be my turn? And to tell you how desperate I am to go the place as desperates as the housewive's shows, lol. Kidding! Yes if you are about to visit dubai then make sure you'll enjoy every minute of your trip and make sure to stay in dubai apartments.

Apartments in dubai are in different value some are cheap and some are expensive and others are neutral. If you like, you can stay in one of dubai furnised apartments and still you can save and be comfortable since most of it are located in the local area where it is just walkable to the shopping center and the likes. Therefore to choice and to pick is up to you but make sure you won't regret it. Browse and decide whether its worth a try or not. I bet you will decide soon as you sees the beautiful selections of building inside out.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

My Blogs Readability Level

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Whoooaa, what can I say? I visited JennyR's blog and was interested about blog readability information so I click and entered one of my blog url's which is Discover Fashion and to my surprised it came out genius? I was like what? Is it really? Cool banana, isn't it? Well I have to check my other blog then because I'm pretty sure its below elementary level, lol. Anyway this is just pure fun and unpredictable result is so interesting.

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Another genius readability blog, My Endless Thoughts

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People Search Engine

I often search people online and soon as I know about spock I was delighted and grateful that I can search through my former friends, colleagues and mates. But most of all I search about my celebrity idols. Here is the link if you want to give a try and find some specials that was part of of your past times e.i. friends and the likes. Just click the link and you should be able to start searching once after you registered. - The Best Way to Search People, celebrities, favourite musicians, writers, book authors and more. I tried to search my favourite artist and there she comes Alicia keys, yeah she is hot as chilli. I love her voice and her looks is just a bonus.

So wanna find out your life's favourites too? Then you should try spock the only way you can find the missing piece in you heart and mind. Type in the seatch button and it will automatically find the people you are searching for in your whole life. Idols and stars all of them are listed on spocks search information so once you'll type their names, nick names and surnames then you should get the result within a seconds or so. See my alicia keys, the singer, artist and song writer? I just type her name and their I got her. Simple as that! Try it now!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007


As you can see I changed layout again. I dont know when I'm gonna stop but it seems I dont settle for one, lol. Anyway this one I quite like because its pretty simple and neat. It dont take minutes to upload and for visitors is quite vital.

But I was hit by a virus on the other night the time when I am still re-organising my stuff here like links and blogbits so I lost few links. If you notice that your link is not there then let me know and please accept my apology, it was late when I was about to save it. Anyway I will go through to my friends blog so I'll know who is not being added, ok. If you could also please leave your link and I'll be happy to add it for you. My tagboard is open to every visitors.

Thank you!

Credit Card Search Engine

I know many of us live on credit cards and such. It is so common these days using credit cards however, do you always check your credit records and how much the company charge you per month? Do you not know that there is actually a credit card issuers who gives low credit offers to anyone? I am talkign about Sports Credit Card Low APR and thats for anyone who are keen or wanted to switch from one account to another with 0% charge at all. My credit card is actually Visa and I am happy for my monthly interest because sport cards are giving me such ana affordable monthly rates which I would like to share it to everyone. If you would like to search and compare any credit cards leading brands provider then you should check it out from as they will help find credit cards company that best fits your needs and that is afforable at low rates interest.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Im Totally Shocked!

On the other day I woke up really early because I felt thirsty after a whole night nursing my son. Then I proceeded to my computer and open my YM and to my surprised my former college mate has left me offline messages so I read it.

She broke the news to me that our former college instructor that became our close friends later on passed away. Its a sudden tragedy because he was all healthy and active only one attack and he died. Im not sure because she give me no more details apart from that. Its so sad to hear it and I am totally shocked. As what life saying is about, anytime you could die as death will come and surprise you like a thief.

May he rest in peace though!

Cliff of Moher

If you are to visit Ireland UK then make sure you dont miss this one most beautiful attraction, the "Cliff of Moher" (Irish: Aillte an Mhothair, lit. cliffs of the ruin, also known as the Cliffs of Mohair from the Irish: Mhothair). The Cliffs of Moher are amongst the most impressive places to see in Ireland, and are widely considered to be Ireland's top tourist attraction, drawing almost one million visitors in 2006 which is not surprising since the place explains the reason why it attracts so many visitors. I would surely will take a day tour at least to Ireland soon as my naturalisation will be done. Looking at the picture shown above, its more than enought to attract me and I can't wait the day when I can actually touch and see this gorgeous Cliff of Moher.

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I got this awards from the lovely Vicky and I thank her for passing it onto me. I appreciates her recognising my hardwork, hehehehe. I am working hard? Not really just a simple appreciation that can be grateful to our heart. My tiredness suddenly vanished when I see these wonderful awards, lol. Thanks a lot Vicky!

Recent Layout

The layout I made on Saturday for my themed thursday entry. It was kinda late but at least I have made it. Still going to make a layout for my scrap addict sunday later on. Anyway, to see the credit here....thanks you guys!

Silver is Good Investment

I once had conversation with a friend last summer when they come and visit England with her family. She invited us for lunch in London and after lunch we went shopping in Harrods. We were looking at handbags and talk about it until we got into the conversation about collections and the likes. She asked me what did I collect most? My answer was handbags and she said mine is jewels because it can also be an investment as it get older unlike the handbag the value would become lesser and lesser. She told to invest silver, gold or any kind of metals. It would eventually increases its value as older it gets. She is right I agreed to it that is why I came across to this idea that perhaps I would start buying silver bullion since it is now has higher demand on the market. It will secure my future as well as my kids if I'll do it rightly. Monex offers silver in coins or ingot tha is made by pure ingot bullion and it is not as expensive as buying in other provider, very affordable and high quality too. So I will be starting soon and see how it goes.