Monday, 3 December 2007

Silver is Good Investment

I once had conversation with a friend last summer when they come and visit England with her family. She invited us for lunch in London and after lunch we went shopping in Harrods. We were looking at handbags and talk about it until we got into the conversation about collections and the likes. She asked me what did I collect most? My answer was handbags and she said mine is jewels because it can also be an investment as it get older unlike the handbag the value would become lesser and lesser. She told to invest silver, gold or any kind of metals. It would eventually increases its value as older it gets. She is right I agreed to it that is why I came across to this idea that perhaps I would start buying silver bullion since it is now has higher demand on the market. It will secure my future as well as my kids if I'll do it rightly. Monex offers silver in coins or ingot tha is made by pure ingot bullion and it is not as expensive as buying in other provider, very affordable and high quality too. So I will be starting soon and see how it goes.

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