Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Presents After Presents

The first present we got is from our friend Michaela and Baldwin Cucharo. We had our early christmas dinner plus a celebration on her 2nd time pregnancy which she long to have. She is 38 and was worried she's not going to have anymore child after multiple miscarriaged. They have a gorgeous 7 yrs old son but wanted one more before she hit 40 or let say menopausal, lol.

Anyway God is so good because HE granted their wish, one of their best Christmas this year is carrying her 2nd child.

Anyhow before we head out they handed 4 gifts to us. We didn't even think about what to give for them yet as we are not that organised. Anyway it was our first presents of the year from Mr and Mrs Cucharo.

Today I just recieved so many holiday cards from families and friends. Hubbys grandmother is even better than us. At the of 94 she still organised enough to do her shopping e.i buy the cards. When there occasion she never fails to send cards to us and what more she always enclosed a cheque. This time it is worth £200 which is very generous of her. Blessed her heart!

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