Saturday, 15 December 2007


When I first had my laptop a year ago it was running so smoothly fast because there were only few icons that has been save and downloads. I often dont defrag my pc or clean up all the save files from documents and settings every night because I cant be ask and thought it would be alright, I seldom restart as well and prefer just suffer the slow connection, lol. Now its getting to the point that it badly needed a defragging because is really, really running very slow and hubby's is getting annoyed aleady everytime I called him for help to rescue for sometimes it would just hang-up and to make it worst a sign saying "out of memory spaced". How many downloads and files I have saved? Gosh I can't even count on, too many I guess. Hubby do delete my cookies and history files and it does help but later on it will all go back to slow mode again.

What I really need is Lacelevel2 free (Up to 80GB partition) product measures your disk's fragmentation and advise you to defrag your disk on time, before it is too late and let you postpone the only solution of upgrading your computer when it starts being slow. I've read the website itself and it sounds really promising and great solution to this annoying slow connections. Here's the website link, you might intereste to try it for you, check it on and see if it helps your PC run faster. It should do because it will give this free up to 80GB partition which I think its a lot of space memory and surely will help your connection really fast.

I can't wait to try mine now but first I must get my breakfast so I can have energy and patience today. Remember I am lack of sleep and can be moody, I warn you!

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