Saturday, 8 December 2007

Got a Sore Eyes

Gosh! Its unbelievable the sickness during winter days. It never stop! First my son then my daughter, my husband back to my son and now to my daughter and finally me. its cycle and unstoppable. What could we do?

I give you some ideas, my kids had fever first then cough and now sore eyes and passed it down to me. Yes I got a sore eyes now and its really annoying where I can hardly open my eyes. Its really uncomfortable and heavy also a little bit painful. We got medicine for it.

My son got over his sore eyes and now the cough just started. What the heck! My daughter missed school for a week now and what more she even missed her ballet show yesterday (thusrday). Why is it? Is it the season of illnesses? It might have to do with the winter and winds that brings ug on to us. Grrrrrrrrrrr! Unbelievale!

Anyway, goodnight for now and see you tomorrow.

You many enjoy your weekend!


TiOheM said...

I wish all of you get well soonest. Hirap daw pag may sore eyes. Lucky for me, I have not experienced it yet.

Nancy said...

get well soon mommy haze.God bless