Saturday, 8 December 2007

Dubai Holiday

Who is not dreaming to go visit dubai? I bet we all are. You have no idea how I nagged hubby just to take me to dubai one day. I don't need to rush because I know we have to save-up for it for once you are in there you could not resist the temptation to shop since it is the world center of shopping with good malls selection available.

No worries about accomodation thought since you can just grab one of this dubai apartments avaialable for short term rental portal or simple grab a luxurious rooms in one of dubai hotels, your choice and its really up to you whether to stay in expensive accomodation or a cheaper one. Either way is good for me as long as I have a chance to go shopping in Dubai city and see the beautiful malls out there. So many options for accomodations such as dubai hotel apartments be it overlooking or east accessibilty to any attractions in the town.

Speaking of attractions I am longing to go for dessert safari adventure. Do you? Yes soon as I heard about how wonderful and fun it is, oh boy the more I am bugging hubby everyday as I could. Poor hubby! Soon enough he will say yes to my request to my dubai that I long to visit. I wanted to see the beautiful city of dubai since its been always one of the top tourist destination in the world. Too envy of my friend who have been there already and keep thinking when will be my turn? And to tell you how desperate I am to go the place as desperates as the housewive's shows, lol. Kidding! Yes if you are about to visit dubai then make sure you'll enjoy every minute of your trip and make sure to stay in dubai apartments.

Apartments in dubai are in different value some are cheap and some are expensive and others are neutral. If you like, you can stay in one of dubai furnised apartments and still you can save and be comfortable since most of it are located in the local area where it is just walkable to the shopping center and the likes. Therefore to choice and to pick is up to you but make sure you won't regret it. Browse and decide whether its worth a try or not. I bet you will decide soon as you sees the beautiful selections of building inside out.

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