Monday, 3 December 2007

Cliff of Moher

If you are to visit Ireland UK then make sure you dont miss this one most beautiful attraction, the "Cliff of Moher" (Irish: Aillte an Mhothair, lit. cliffs of the ruin, also known as the Cliffs of Mohair from the Irish: Mhothair). The Cliffs of Moher are amongst the most impressive places to see in Ireland, and are widely considered to be Ireland's top tourist attraction, drawing almost one million visitors in 2006 which is not surprising since the place explains the reason why it attracts so many visitors. I would surely will take a day tour at least to Ireland soon as my naturalisation will be done. Looking at the picture shown above, its more than enought to attract me and I can't wait the day when I can actually touch and see this gorgeous Cliff of Moher.

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