Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Blessings and Blessings

I maybe banned in PPP for 2 weeks but that doesn't stop me earning as much as I used to if not more since I am blessed of more opps from other blogging organisation. Today I've done 3 task to this blog and still have 10 opps more to do on my other blogs. I probably earn more than I am in PPP because since the PR went mad I didn't have that many opps anyway like it used to be. Anyhow its not the end of the world 2 weeks banned is only a short while. I was guilty of taking more than 3 opps in one blog which I thought was ok.

So much for that ranting. Now I give you my beautiful kids pictures that I took last night after their bath. If you notice my daughter had a new haircut with a shorter french this time, its obvious that she is a dora explorer fan. As to my boy he wanted a Go Diego Hair-cut but God no I can't do it, its bit tricky, lol. So I'll leave his hair like that.


Rolly said...

ayaw palabi sa imo gibati diha. Ikaw man god, panghakoton man god tanan opps, mao na na ang resulta..hahahah. Basaha pod tong akong rant sa Duna koy giyawyaw didto. Hay gugma.

♥Shabem-®♥ said...

Hmmm.. so you are banned? Oh well that's good nga naa pakay nabira sa lain pod company. Take your time and God will provide hehe..
Without PR yeah it sucks pero at least naa gihapon ginagmay. Good luck!

jennyr said...

hala! naban diay ka Haze? oh no! pero sabagay 2 wks is just a short time, that's true! since na drop na ang PR natu wa man pod tay mabira! ako gani nga 3days na walay mabira...mura sad ko ban og 3days ani,hahaha! sa mga lain nalang ko gakuha pero tag 5 ra pod kay tungod lagi ani atong PR, paita bah!hehehe!btw, kacute sa imong mga kiddos oi!