Sunday, 16 December 2007

Back from the Cocktail Party

This weekend was great for us and such a blast. Yesterday we went malling with kids do some christmas shopping and stroll around every shops in the mall and got some cute stuff for me and the family. Today we went to my father in-laws cocktail party and it was a wonderful day. Same old visitors and I was en-charged with the kids at the same time minggling with the guest. Not so many picture with the guest though because I was too embarassed to asked their permission for photo taken. I didn't see anyone flashing apart from my in-laws. I took most pics with the kids and me and will try to upload in tonight and shared it with family and friends.

I spoke with my Mama last night and was asking for photos after the party as I told them that the kids will be wearing little helper's outfit. Mum is so keen to see her grandchildren in custome so, I must do it.


jennyr said...

buti pa kayo nakapagshopping na! hopefully karon mabuhat na namo...would love to see the pics from the cocktail party haze! Btw, i have an award for you HERE

adam said...

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