Wednesday, 5 December 2007


As you can see I changed layout again. I dont know when I'm gonna stop but it seems I dont settle for one, lol. Anyway this one I quite like because its pretty simple and neat. It dont take minutes to upload and for visitors is quite vital.

But I was hit by a virus on the other night the time when I am still re-organising my stuff here like links and blogbits so I lost few links. If you notice that your link is not there then let me know and please accept my apology, it was late when I was about to save it. Anyway I will go through to my friends blog so I'll know who is not being added, ok. If you could also please leave your link and I'll be happy to add it for you. My tagboard is open to every visitors.

Thank you!


julai said...

hi ate hazemgud wa akong link diri bilin lng unja ko ug links ate ha..woww ka nice nimo ate oiii ky waman ni decrease ang imong PR..aho PR4 ky 0 na ron..huhuhu..unsa man ako buhaton ate?

cge te ako ibilin akong links diri ako nlng tanan blogs ate ha then ako pod i add imong mga blogs sa ako are my blogs:

Julai's Corner -

Around d' World -

Tidbits and more -

Strong and Healthy Living -

thanks ate haze..

jennyr said...

nice na ni Haze, simple and neat! btw, i got u tagged!