Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Winter is Drawing Near

On sunday we went dining out to Pizza hut. It was snowing for the first in the year although it was not heavy and showing much as it was somewhat we called a "sleet" snow flakes which dont settle very long unless it rain overnight then might be. But it didn't only notice it when were driving along the motorway. Anyhow as usual our autumn here is very cold as expected to be, whoooooooa. I hate it. So here's a picture of my kids walking on the way to our car, full and bloated as they ate too much food plus ice cream, lol. As you can see their both wrapped-up already.

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jennyr said...

kapuy btaw ning tingtugnaw ai kay doble2 na suoton plus pa naa tay duha ka bata nga butangan pa coat, hat, scarf and all that...sus nalang!Heheheh! nagsnow na diay nganha? kami nganhi naa mi fake snow,akong gipost nganhi sa blogspot,lol!