Sunday, 18 November 2007

Want an Emphasise Body?

If you are unhappy of your body shapes or any parts of the body that your want to be done specifically then you go contact Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon because as far as I know they are very good about this kind of cosmetic surgery thingy. I remember a friend of mine who happen to dislike her nose and she went to japan for a noje job and when she come back I was shocked of the result because it looks like it get worst. I mean it looks like it swellen, Im not sure. I bet it she was not paying a good surgeon. If I have given a choice to change one part of me it would be my heigt, lol. I wanted so bad to be a little bit taller than 5'2. But I am afraid there is no easy solution for this height problem yet. If only I knew that I end a short bum I would have eaten loads of vegetable when I was young, lol.

Anyway, talking of being unhappy for some parts of our body make us feel insecure such a excess skins, feeling blobby for instance then Beverly Hills liposuction is now offering a great service of sucking out that excess fat of your body and help you get the body size in your dream. If not contented then you must also try
California Tummy tuck to tighten up your abs. It does help boost your confindence after the surgery. Many people had been happily secured after choosing to underwent surgeries.

If only hubby had a problem of my looks I would definitely do anyting to make him happy. I am just lucky that he loves everything about me even I often asked him that I would consider doing nose job as I hate my broaded wide nose. But he said it is just perfectly given to me therefore I should just be contented and thankful. But if you guys thinks that surgery makes you happy then do it because to become beautiful these days is optional. If you got the money then I would say go for it. Rodeodrive will give you the best service ever plus their clinic is so tidy and clean, you can feel like home too. Professional surgeons and more than qualified to give you the best surgery service you could possibly imagine. You'll be all smiling right after surgery.

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