Sunday, 25 November 2007

Scrap Addict Sunday (Learning)

Grandma taught my son how to put the to ring in order from Biggest to smallest. It was a blast during my son's first b-day. Proud grandparents were spoiling him that day, the only day they are allowed to, lol.

Doodled n Curl frame by Katie Pertiet
Glitter Blobs by Scrappony Design
Shotting Star, Flower edge and Adore by Angie Briggs
Staple (agraphes) by Cenzia Loosemore


Rissa said...

beautiful pics and doodles Haze! great layout!

Anna said...

this look very pretty dai haze, love the LO. TFS.

Darlene said...

Sus naa sad ing ana nga toy akong anak dai Haze sus kabuang kog pamunit magkatag lagi woi lagot hehehehe pero mao man gyud na trabaho sa mga bata ang magkatag-katag kita pod inahan tig sunod lol!

Joyce said...

what a great LO sis...the photos are so precious...wonderful job

Ladynred said...

I was going to do a LO with my daughter and Grandpa too but I change my mind! Anyway beautiful LO Haze. Grandparents always spoiled gandkids; hehehe!

Btw, I put all our LO's in Flicker Album. I hope that's ok if not let me know. I will email you the login password so you can access it as well. And also in slide show but it's in private.

ladyracs said...

sweet memories gyud kaayo with grandma. Thanks sa greetings Dae Haze. Dia naabot na gyud tawon pero perting kapuya, la pa gani ko nahuman panglaba, padayon ugma.

Nita said...

Nice layout! Sus ako wala na gyud ko kahimo mga pila naka weeks :( Wala pa gyud mobalik ako gana sa pag scrap...huhuhu!