Thursday, 1 November 2007

Romance Novels

Dating with my husband and having married to him and living for over 5 years, all I can say is the romance is still there and fadeless. The stronger we feel each other every minute in our life. We fell-in-love over and over again, it must be the most romantic experienced I had ever. Being so in love is one most key thing in the relationship and that the trust comes from. If your truly in love with the person and vice versa you'll automatically feel secure and no need to worries either he/she goes off for someone else, do you? I am so feeling secure in my husband's arms, he may be out or not because I know deep in side in my heart I feel the same way what he is feeling. He can feel the sadness in my heart and he can feel the happiness, too. I am truly blessed and thankful that GOD has given me the right person to spend my whole life with. The more it feels right every second we spend time together. We're just magically connected.

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