Friday, 9 November 2007

Property in North Cyprus

England is getting too expensive country to live in and a high cost of good education, housing. What more is the law and order is goind down and also the taxes are rapidly shooting high. However hubby won't leave this place because of the opportunity for our kids nevertheless, investing somewhere else is one of our big plan. We might look up the North Cyprus Property and perhaps save up and buy one property over there for us to have an alternative living in the future. I hear that aboyr Kyrenia being the most popular area for expatriate homes. Not onle english is widely spoken as well the locals are friendly, and the cost of living is probably the lowest in the region. Ideally we would love to live there now but it requires us a big savings to start too. So sometine next year we might be able to invest on property in North Cyprus.

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Anonymous said...

note that 'North' Cyprus is territory occupied by Turkey illegally and administered by an entity only recognised by Turkey; make sure that any property your might ever invest in was not owned by a person who is now a refugee - a lot of the property being transacted is not being sold by the rightful owners even if they are 'nice'.
So, be warned; price and cost is not everything - think also of your conscience and wheterh you could put up buying 'stolen' property.
regards, Phil D