Saturday, 10 November 2007

Opps... Expired

Too many opps from different organisation but I have prioritised PPP since the rised of pagerank. Now that is back to normal, I mean pagerank has now decreased, you may have noticed already I start checking and paying attention to others sites and one fo them is blogitive. I just realised I accepted an offers 2 nights ago and now I was thinking of posting an entry about it I was surprised that it has already expired. What the heck! I forgot that they only give us 48 hours allowance to make the entry and it has over 48 hours I guess.

Yes 10 bucks went to the bin tonight, huh! Anyhow I still have 8 opps from sponsored reviews to do and 2 from smorty, also 3 from blogsvertise. I also need to get some good night sleep because tomorrow I'll be working from 9 to 5 pm which is unusual hours for me and so Sunday. Busy, busy, busy! Monday I am working too but not long hours as my weekends. Pretty tiring actually, that is why I am always loooking forward every tuesday, wednesday and thursday my only days-off from work, lol. Not that I can just relax and chill. Bare in mind I have a very disruptive son who know nothing but break stuff. I hope Santa will send me a helper next year, I wish, I wish.

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