Thursday, 1 November 2007

My Big Sister in Black

I have chatter to my sister today. She was with her officemates chillin' out after a long day of work. She is working at Golden Courie Restaurant in Lahug. We were even having a live chat with cam and they request if they could see the kids. But my daughter was in the school so it was only Christian they see. Her friends were screaming loudly soon as I open my cam. I thought they find me beautiful or perhaps I scare them but niether the reason, lol. They were screaming because the first time they see my son. I mean my big sister's friend. I forgot how big is the impact to filipinos having a mestizo babies. So they find my son very cute and funny. I was out of place because they prefer to see my son and talked to him rather to me. I can't get upset of course in fact it makes me so proud. Imagine they even asked my son to pose for them so they can take some pictures to show-off to their other friends. Gawdd!!! Typical filipinos indeed! Next time we will be chatting again and hopefully it would be weekend so they can see my little petal as well. As they keep repeating how they missed her so badly.

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