Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Joint Pain Solution

Hubby has been suffering from joint pain lately and he is really in a real state situation whenever his back pain attacks him. He is quite a big man 6ft tall but also has a bigger stomach which I think it relates to the joint pain problem he is suffering recently. I often encouraged him to take a walk right after our meal or perhaps before. We always do it when we thinks its a good day for walking but since winter is here we are kinda lazy because of the cold and freezing days.

On the night his joint pain attack once again he can't sleep and just stay awake all night and taking tons of pills to relieve the pain until in the morning he went to the doctor and the doctor said there is nothing wrong with him only that he needs to do more exercise such as walking and swimming perhaps. Huh? Easy solution however, hubby is not convinced enough and might see for physician specialist like Dr. Gustafson. He does tons of surgery which includes evaluation and accurate diagnosis of joint pain and many more. If you feel joint pain then you know where to consult it.

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