Thursday, 1 November 2007

Halloween Pose

I promised to my kids that we will do something exciting this halloween but end up just playing around for it was quite late after I finish my blogging. Priority who?

Anyhow we still managed to have fun...daddy and kath were making halloween cakes and messed-up the icing bit, still taste yummy though. After we had a little dinner then head outside for a little time to play. My kids are wearing their custome of course, the witch and the wizard, lol. Click here for more pics please ....Enjoy! Happy Halloween everyone!

Thanks for the greetings!

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Tere said...

Of course priority are our children that's why we blog to earn money for them right? :)

We were not able to go to the mall yesterday for the trick or treat in the malls here coz I had work and it was raining. Hopefully next year we can do trick or treat with CT when he will be almost 2 years old by then. The costumes we saw at the mall are still too big for CT.

Happy Halloween then merry Christmas in advance!!! Yipee!!!
Take care sis!