Monday, 19 November 2007

Great Tourist Destinations

I was only 18 when I had a close friend who went to Amsterdam for 3 months as a tourist. She had a friend who pays everything from her luggage, flights and accomodation. While she was in the city she rang me many times like twice a day just to tell me how beautiful the Amsterdam is and great attractions such as Canals, van Gough Museum, Dam square and more. I was like "WOW" even if only I heard it through a friend who were very excited of her first international trip. It was here dream to step the never fadeless beauty amsterdam.

Now I am only an hour flight to Amsterdam. Is that close, yeah? But never I been there for papers reason as we are waiting until I get naturalise. When is that then? No one knows, lol. Anyway if any of you wanted to see the massive tulips garden of Amsterdam then you should go by summer. And time flies, right? Shouldn't you book a hotel first or flight rather? Check out this Amsterdam hotels now? As I know they have a all year great cheaper deals. If not then on few days before your trip you can just used their last minute deal as well.

Since you are in part of Europe why just made a tour of some neighboring cities? Such as Greece, Prague, Athens and more. There are tons to see in these places and its worth a visit. Have you seen their wonderful attractions? The Temple of Olympus, Ancient Agora, Acropolis and the likes? . Check out info's here. Also if you want to book for Athen's hotels then do it in cheaperthanhotels as they have offers so many cheap deals all the time.

Furthermore, any Island touring, historical sites and museums that your keen to go to then I suggest in Greece is the best place for that kind of thing. Make sure to read this guide and information and think of the best place to stay. Try to come across greece hotels? I am sure there will be loads of choices with such an affordable prices too.

I bet you will stop by in Prague, dont' you? I know how beautiful is the place is though I haven't been there but I've heard enough from people who's been going back and fourth to the place. All have good comments about it and it makes me more anxious to the place. So if you happen or planning to stop by in Prague then you should stay one of their best Prague Hotels and affordable and that can be found in, they sure wont let you down. Hope you'll enjoy the Prague attractions such as Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square and more and fore additional details click here..... Happy trip!

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