Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Classic Car's Show

On Saturday we went to see the classic car show from London to brighton. It's just fascinating to know this old cars that was built earlier 1900's and its amazing that up to now its still running and some of them are unrestored or nothing are being changed.

This car is a 1903's model and the owner never touched anything to changed its look. Everything on this car was original. They just look after it properly.

This car is quite expensive and more or less price will be about £100,000. I was just taken this day of how many classic cars I've seen on live and its really cool.

This one is I am unsure of its name its kinda difficult, that is why I forgot lol. but pretty sure this cost you fortune if you wanted one, too. Shape wise a bit strange for me but there were few people were taken away of this car and one of that was my son, lol. Look at the side view of the car below;

Doesn't it looks like a boat? [LAUGH]....Anyway there are some more different cars but will post it amongs of my 6 blogs for filters and perhaps my next entries here.

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♥Shabem-®♥ said...

Cute kaayo imo outfit diri Haze.
Kuyaw mana nga mga cars uy hehehe..
mahal raba.